I will assist you in selecting an architect/designer, get the project through the city, help you choose your contractor and negotiate contracts, oversee the course of construction by conducting regular site visits, help with finish details, and create your home file including manuals and maintenance information.  ( I will hold your hand through the entire process) I will be the “watch dog” to insure that you get exactly what you want;  I see my role as a representative of YOU looking out for YOU and YOUR interests.


My responsibilities are what ever you make them.  I can get involved at any point in the process.  Whether you are planning a project and want direction, or you are mid-project and are overwhelmed, or simply want to take on a small project on your own, I will be there on your side;  I can coach individuals, couples, and small groups.  It’s up to you whether you want me to instruct only or get down and dirty with your construction needs.  I am willing to travel and am available for telephone sessions.


I am willing to design/co-design your residential or commercial project(s).  The vision of your project will grow from concepts and sketches to fully engineered CAD drawings.  I will then assist in expediting the final set of plans through the development services department.  I will present a competitive bid analysis for the development of the project.  Together, we will create your construction budget and project timeline.  I will then manage your construction project from the beginning to the end.  This function includes: assembling your home file of manuals, maintaining your information, and securing your warranties.  


I am an objective party who can assess your breakdown and help to create a sound solution.  If you find yourself in a bind on your own, or with another contractor, I will be your liaison to assist you in recovering from any project disruption.